Affiliated to CBSE Delhi,No.1030251
Montfort Sen. Sec. School Mandla
Rajiv Nagar, Mandla-481661, M.P.

We are missionaries, dedicated to the cause of education of the youth, trying to bring the light of Knowledge into the lives of the younger generation, mostly to those who are fighting for survival. Wherever we are, our goal is to create a more humane and just society by inculcating in the minds and hearts of the people we come across certain values and ethos inspired by our founder St. Louis De Montfort. We are in this profession for more than three centuries. We teach them values, not through books and words, but through our lives. There is a certain amount of transparency and honesty on the part of the administration and the management. Any one can see that we practice what we preach.

We dedicate ourselves, our resources and expertise for the spread of God's Kingdom on this earth-and the full development of men and women.

May every child who passes through the portals of this school hold Aloft The torch of love ,freedom and integrity.